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These articles are available for download at

  1. The Total Physical Response or learning another language through actions. (1981)

  2. Games for the classroom and the English-speaking club. (1982)

  3. A practical introduction to Total Physical Response. (1991)

  4. A Total Physical Response approach to the teaching of vocabulary and grammar. (1992)

  5. Discourse analysis of the spoken and written versions of a short narrative. (1996)

  6. How to TPR abstractions: The critical role of imagination (with James J. Asher). (2002)

  7. Materials design for teaching English at the junior-high level. (2005)

  8. A practical guide to actions in the classroom. (2015)

  9. Drawing out language: Using drawings to develop listening and speaking skills. (2018)

  10. Enliven your class and engage your students with fun facts. (Accepted for publication; when available a date will appear here)

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