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ISBN 978-0-692-14354-4

August 2018


Listen and Draw is an EFL/ESL teacher’s resource book of simple, fun, ready-to-use classroom drawing activities. You can take the book to your classroom, open to a selected page and do the activity with the class.

Key features:

  • simple drawings—no artistic talent is needed

  • ready-to-use classroom activities

  • suitable for large classes

  • suitable for mixed-level classes

  • great for beginners and false beginners

  • great for pairwork (online access to printable handouts)

  • develops both listening and speaking

  • develops bothfluency and accuracy

Can be used to:

  • provide a quick filler

  • supplement and enrich a lesson

  • add variety and provide a motivating change of pace

Can be used as:

  • a source of short, enjoyable supplementary activities

  • a fixed component to develop listening comprehension

  • a fixed component to develop listening and speaking

  • a short, intensive listening/speaking course for beginners

How to purchase the book as a print book

Listen and Draw is distributed through Ingram Content Group. However, you cannot purchase the book directly from Ingram. You must order the book from a bookseller. 

First check with the bookseller/company where you normally purchase your professional EFL/ESL books.If it partners with Ingram, then it will be able to find and order the book for you. Be sure to order the New Edition (2018, blue cover, ISBN 978-0-692-14354-4)


Currently (June 2018) Ingram has print facilities in the following countries (other countries will eventually be added):

US               India

UK               Italy

Australia.     Poland

Brazil           Russia

China           Spain

Germany      South Korea

Thus, if you live in one of these countries, you will be able to save on shipping and delivery time.

Here are other possibilities for ordering a copy.

Book Depository and Fishpond offer free shipping worldwide.

How to purchase the book as an e-book

There are only two distributors for the e-book version of Listen and Draw.

The e-book ISBN  is  978-0-692-16297-2

An example from unit 6: Five positions


An example from unit 12

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