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ISBN 978-0-578-86750-2

June 2021


Fun Facts is an EFL/ESL teacher’s resource book of over 1,000 “amazing” facts that will captivate and fascinate your students. You can take the book to your classroom and have instant short enjoyable activities.


You will find facts that are entertaining, amusing, curious, strange, hard-to-believe, and even bizarre. There are facts about animals, countries, famous people, exotic foods, curious deaths, incredible records, culture and customs from around the world, and much more.


Key features:

  • creates a relaxed atmosphere conducive to learning

  • motivates and engages the students

  • brings a little fun and humor to a lesson

  • adds variety and provides a change of pace

  • provides fascinating exposure to the target language

Can be used with:

  • teens, young adults, and adults

  • low intermediate to advanced levels


Can be used to:

  • practice listening comprehension

  • provide a brief fun break or change of activity

  • give the students something to briefly comment on

  • provide facts and topics for short oral presentations, longer conversations, and debates

How to purchase the book

Fun Facts is distributed through Ingram Content Group. However, you cannot purchase the book directly from Ingram. You must order the book from a bookseller. 

First check with the bookseller/company where you normally purchase your professional EFL/ESL books. If it partners with Ingram, then it will be able to find and order the book for you. ISBN 978-0-578-86750-2

Currently (June 2021) Ingram has print facilities in the following countries (other countries will eventually be added):


Thus, if you live in one of these countries, you will be able to save on shipping and delivery time. 

Here are other possibilities for ordering a copy.

Book Depository and Fishpond offer free shipping worldwide. I have personally used Book Depository several times, and can attest to the company’s good service. In Brazil, you can buy the book through

How to purchase the book as an e-book

There are only two distributors for the e-book version of Fun Facts.

The e-book ISBN  is  979-8-218-05559-2

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